Jim Racine MA[RCA]

time travelling art


i make all my own bronze with my own hands, from beginning to end, from wax to patina. this is important to an artist because as in life the journey is as relevant as the arrival.


i make two kinds of work: one is an attempt on the sublime in sculpture, which is normally the preserve of painting. to this effect, the Monumenty, Tang and Bird Alphabet series are about placing the human artefact in nature, within the landscape where it can command the pictorial, bring sky to earth and earth to sky. they are seeking an ideal for civilised aspirations and the extraordinary: Monumenties like Angelic and Caryatid are a monument to an unstated future happening. Monumenty is very likely to survive the species which made it. the Tangs are compositional exercises inspired by ancient bronze, the Bird Alphabet is an attempt to create a sculptural written language for birds, to create a meta-alien language and so rewrite the basis for sculptural expression and create entirely new art. my other work is for the contemporary fringe, where the Aherm and Bad Painter series can let off steam, tell collectors where to get off,  push rodin over and make fun of oneself, the art world and pretty much anything worth kicking fair and square on the arse. the art comes first.

​i specialize in making the 'uncastable' and also take on private commissions, casting, fabrication and restoration projects, to public art standard for artists and designers.

Jim Racine MA(RCA)





1999-2001 MA (Sculpture, bronze specialism), Royal College of Art, London, UK

1989-1991 Masters Fine Art, De Ateliers, Nederland

1986-1989 BA, Byam Shaw school of Art, London, UK

1984-1986 Foundation, North East Essex school of Art, UK



2019     The Bird Alphabet. Minories galleries Colchester. one person show

2019     loads of the same...

2018     ......loads of the same... and singapore art fair with Siger Gallery

2017     Arthur triangle Gallery, Suffolk

2017     Clash london Siger Gallery

2017     CRASH Qpark london curated by Vanja Balogh

2017      river waveney sculpture trail [Aug]

2017      Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair with Siger Gallery

2017      Bronze  ilketshall st andrew

2017      Chinese year of the rooster qpark London

2016       BIG DEAL No7, London, Curated by Vanja Balogh

2016       camsight , guildhall Cambridge

2016       Halesworth gallery open

2016       'modern panic Vll' guerilla zoo London Aherm ll

2016       '100 feet' Halesworth gallery Aherm

2016       river waveney sculpture trail

2015       'secret genius' AHERM bond st and the web

2015       first site open AHERM Colchester

2015       'Nude' Colchester Gallery

2015       'Chemcraft'  Espacio gallery London [July]

2015       BRONZE 3 greyfriars gallery Kings Lynn

2015       'fit the slit' venezia biennale

2015       ' Fall of the rebel angels' Venice Biennale [6 May -24 June]

2015       'Home Made' Colchester gallery [10 April- 9 May]

2015        'chinese new year of the sheep chinatown open' Qpark

2014        'We could not agree' London.

2014         'an excerpt from a library of cast objects' New British Art, Carmarthenshire.

2014         Chai Wan Mei, with Carol Ho, Hong Kong.

  1.            ‘Spurt’, Source Atelier d’Art, France

2009         Oblong Gallery, London, UK

2009         ‘Miniscule’, Oblong Gallery, London, UK

2009         ‘BOTOXED 69’ C22, London, UK

2009         ‘Big Deal No2’, curated  by V Balogh, London, UK

2009          ‘Stimulus’, Archway Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA

2005          ‘Solanum Tuberosum’, Zimmer Stewart Gallery, UK

2005          ‘Past Influences’, Reading Museum gallery, UK

2005           Penny Fielding gallery, London, UK

2003          Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park, Surry, UK

2002          Rendham Bells, Suffolk, UK

2002          ‘Arcadia in the City’, Marble Hill House Museum, London, UK

2002          ‘Differentia’, Pitshanger Manor Gallery, London, UK

2001         ‘Late Arrivals’, Kings Cross, London, UK

2001         LAMDA Rhythm Factory, London, UK

2001         Students gallery, London, UK

2001         Vertigo Gallery, London, UK

2000         Montgomery Sculpture Trust. UK

1999         ‘Goethe und der continent’ ,Wetzlar, Germany

1998         20/20 Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, UK

1998          Colchester/Avignon, France

1997          20/20, Kingsgate Gallery, London.

1996          ‘Fallout’, Darmstadt, Germany

1996          ‘Enery Moo’, Kingsgate Gallery, London, UK


2011 -14        Set up new artists foundry in Hong Kong. 'hong kong bronze studio'
2000         Millennium prize/commission Montgomery Sculpture Trust.
1999 - 2014      Yearly contributor to ‘RCA Secret’ Postcard show, London, UK.
1992         Staart Stipendium from De Stichting voor Beeldende Kunsten, NL.

1994-96   Created and curated 23/42 Installation Gallery, Colchester, UK.




Visiting lecturer for BA Fine Art Course, Cardiff school of Art, University of  Wales Institute Cardiff, UK.  Teaching bronze casting, general practise and a yearly creativity course on FlatHolm Island.

Technical demonstrator of mould making for BA art course, Wimbledon School of Art, London, UK.

Sculpture technician then lecturer, West Thames FE College, London, UK